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Yes! Finishing Touch Hair Remover

Yes! Finishing Touch Hair Remover

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Unwanted body hair is without a doubt one of the most annoying things for a woman. The ordeal of removing this hair is time-consuming and cumbersome. Don’t all you ladies agree with this?

In order to make your hair removal process all the more smoother and effective, the Yes! Finishing Touch Hair Remover is all set to change your life. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself!

What is Yes! Finishing Touch Hair Remover?

Yes! Finishing Touch Hair Remover is a rechargeable epilator that helps you remove your unwanted hair. Being hassle-free, this portable device is handy and can be carried anywhere. It has zero negative side effects and it is absolutely safe for long-term use.

The Yes! Finishing Touch Hair Remover is made from superior quality material which includes ABS and Titan. Backed up by a charger, this is a one-time investment to ensure that hair removal doesn’t come in the way of your daily life.

Why choose an epilator?

Epilators are handy devices that can be carried anywhere, and the deed can be done without messing up the place. It uproots the hair from the roots, making it the most ideal form of hair removal. Unlike waxing, an epilator doesn’t require frequent spending of money. Thus, making it a one-time investment.

It is the best way to sway away from shaving, which is extremely bad for the skin. Shaving causes itchiness, increases hair thickness and growth, and results in hair-ingrowth. An epilator does not come with these or any side-effects that affect the skin in the long run. This makes it a safe option to pursue.

Where/how can the Yes! Finishing Touch Hair Remover be used?

You can use the Yes! Finishing Touch Hair Remover to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body. Be it facial hair, bikini area, arms, underarms legs or stomach, it can be used anywhere. It can also be used by people from any age group, be it teens or adults.

The process of using this device is relatively simple. This rechargeable apparatus can be run over the body in the areas of hair growth. By moving the device against the direction of the growth, hair can be removed effortlessly. There is no pre/post hair removal care that must be done and the process causes no discomfort. Thus this simplifies the whole process of hair removal.

Pros and cons of Yes! Finishing Touch Hair Remover

Epilators, in general, have more pros than cons, but here are some facts that will help you understand them better.


  • It is a one-time hair removal investment
  • There are no recorded side effects from epilating
  • The portable device makes it perfect for travelling
  • Doesn’t waste power or electricity
  • It can be used for any part of the body
  • Boosts confidence and beauty with minimum effort
  • Doesn’t damage the skin or hair follicles
  • It is pain-free and simple
  • Uproots the hair from the very root


  • Requires periodic cleaning and maintenance
  • It causes a tingling sensation

Product Specifications:

Manufactured by Tohuan, this epilator is compact in size – 16X4X4. Coming in white color with a purple lining, this model (XP-1325) comes with an adapter plug. Being rechargeable, it is easy to carry around, no matter where you go.

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