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Unicorn Backpack Girls/Women School Bags For Girls

Unicorn Backpack Girls/Women School Bags For Girls

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Style comes in every color there is. Don’t you agree? With multi-colored products grabbing the recent spotlight, the whole unicorn color scheme is perfect to complete any look. Not to mention the unicorn horn seems to complete any multi-color ensemble.

For all you colorful, fun and spunky souls out there, you’re going to love the glorious Unicorn Backpack. Being in style right now, it is perfect for school going girls and women. This is cause it adds some sass to an otherwise ordinary day.

What is the Unicorn Backpack?

The Unicorn Backpack is a cool trendy backpack that effortlessly blends in the hues of multi-colors with the popular unicorn theme. Being the epitome of glitz and glam, this product is a popular hit when it comes to girls across the globe. Unicorns are associated with a dreamy, out-of-this-world feeling, and this bag gives you exactly that.

The Unicorn Backpack by ISHOWTIENDA adds personality and spunk and brings out a cool young feel. With the ability to turn heads, the Unicorn Backpack is sure to keep you in the spotlight. By blending in the latest trend with excellent quality, the backpack of your dreams is now at your disposal. Say hello to a highly functional and gorgeous backpack.

Why choose the Unicorn Backpack?

Who doesn’t love to stand out? The Unicorn Backpack does exactly this; it gives you a unique persona that speaks highly of fun and frolic. With multi-colors blending in, it goes with practically every outfit you can think of.

From carrying your study materials to using it for casual outings, to sprucing up a boring work-day outfit, it is the epitome of versatility. To top this off, the Unicorn Backpack is pocket-friendly and is extremely durable.

Product specifications:

With corduroy being the primary material in this snazzy backpack, Unicorn Backpack is crafted with fine handpicked materials. Matched with padded and adjustable straps, it is extremely comfortable to lug around town. In fact, the arcuate shoulder strap ensures that the weight of the bag is evenly distributed on your shoulders.

This softback bag is lined with polyester material along with peppy patchwork on it. The exterior is faux fur which makes it simply soft, cuddly and huggable. With intricate embossing done on it, the backpack can carry below 20 liters, which is a lot. Lined with an interior compartment, the Unicorn Backpack is handy to store all kinds of things, depending on what you do. Being colorful, soft and dense it is the perfect blend of where style meets functionality.

Pros and cons of Unicorn Backpack


  • The bag is the epitome of spunk and style
  • It has inner compartments for convenience
  • Shoulder straps ensure comfort and functionality
  • Multi-colored exteriors that go with any kind of look
  • It can be used for any kind outings and activities
  • The bag has great storage space
  • It is made using the finest of materials
  • It is budget-friendly


  • It does not come with any kind of warranty
  • The material used is not waterproof
  • The fur needs periodic cleaning and maintenance
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