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Solar Flame Torch - Waterproof Outdoor Tourch Lamp

Solar Flame Torch - Waterproof Outdoor Tourch Lamp

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There is nothing like illuminating your gardens and exterior area. It adds functionality by making your space more accessible at nighttime and has an aesthetic appeal to it. But when it comes to outdoor lighting, it can be a challenge to find the right kind of light. Given the seasonal changes, it has to be a light that suits the rain, snow and shine.

This is where the Solar Flame Torch comes into play. Being the perfect outdoor lighting solution, it ensures that your space is absolutely lit, without adding exponentially to your power bills.

What is the Solar Flame Torch?

Powered by the sun, the Solar Flame Torch is an outdoor lighting solution that is perfect for dark nights. Adorning a contemporary form of style, this light uses green and clean energy, making it great for the planet.

Being produced by VKTECH, a popular brand, the Solar Flame Torch is of the highest quality, which is made using superior parts. With LED bulbs that reduce energy consumption costs, the Solar Flame Torch is perfect for ensuring that your carbon emissions are at bay. These lights produce a soft and mellow, mood enhancing glow that is perfect for quiet evenings outdoors. Rain or shine, the Solar Flame Torch gleam through any weather condition.

Why solar energy?

Solar energy needs no introduction for being the most ideal source of energy. By using the power of the sun, you can avoid using fossil fuels for your energy requirements. By doing so, you are saving the planet one light at a time by reducing your carbon footprints.

This method is cost-effective, eco-friendly and requires minimal effort. All you have to do is position the lights where sunlight is present, and voila, your energy is produced.

How can it be used?

In terms of usage, the Solar Flame Torch is simple and effective. All you have to do is strategically insert these lights into the ground, in areas with a good amount of sunshine. The solar panels collect the sun’s power and turn it into lighting. It automatically switches on when it gets dark, and powers your space with a warm form of lighting.

It can be used to add lighting to gardens, patios, driveways, verandahs and almost any outdoor space with the access to the sun.

Product Specifications:

This solar powered light’s body is made up of ABS material. Being adjustable, the Solar Flame Torch is dimmable. With its protection level standing at IP65, it is of 3.7 voltage. Coming with CCC and ce certification, Solar Flame Torch uses a lithium battery as its solar cell type.

They units are suitable for all weather conditions and are water resistant. Available in sets of one, two and four, with varying LED specifications, you can choose whatever suits your outdoor needs.

Pros and cons of Solar Flame Torch:


  • It is an eco-friendly light with low carbon footprints
  • They are easy to install, use and maintain
  • The renewable lights are powered by the sun
  • The lights are available in various quantities/packs
  • It is budget-friendly, as it doesn’t increase power bills
  • It stands strong through rain, shine or snow
  • It creates a pleasant mood to enjoy the outdoors
  • It comes with bulbs and the lighting is dimmable


  • It needs a few hours to charge
  • It doesn’t have a wall hanging function
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