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Wall Mounted Magnetic Soap Holder

Wall Mounted Magnetic Soap Holder

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1. High-quality wall magnetic soap holder.
2. This magnetic soap dish: using a magnetic soap dish, you don’t need to use a soap dish and keep the countertop clean
3. The soap will dry out between uses and extend the life of the soap
4. No more messy soap on the counter
5. It can be easily sucked to mirrors, tiles, glass or other smooth surfaces

1. This soap box can let the soap air dry and prevent it from getting wet.
2. The original simplicity and unique design of the soap dish.
3. It can be used to hold soap, or can be used as a keychain (or any other magnetic object).
4. Easily inhale mirrors, tiles, glass or any other smooth surfaces.

How to use:

Insert the disc into the soap and connect it to the magnet in the holder

Product information:
Material: ABS stainless steel iron
Color: silver
Size: (Length x Width x Height) 76*42*43mm

Packing list:
Soap holder*1

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