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Easy Comfort Bra

Easy Comfort Bra

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Cup Size

Comfortable to wear, no steel ring, no tight beauty back, moisture absorption and easy to dry, widen the lower circumference, fully prevent the problem of sagging shift, etc., comfortable and not tight, try the breathable U-shaped back, lock the excess fat on the back, pro Skin sports fabric with a special breathable style, widened shoulder strap design.

Size Chart

  • S / suitable for 70-80 cm, usually wear 70/32ABCD 75/34AB bra
  • M / suitable for 75-90 cm, usually wear 34/75 BCDE 80/36AB bra
  • L / suitable for 90-100 cm, usually wear 36/80 BCDE 85/38AB bra
  • XL / suitable for 95-110 cm, usually wear 38/85 BCDEF 90/40AB bra
  • XXL / suitable for 105-125 cm, usually wear 40/90 CDEF 95/42ABCD bra
  • 3XL / suitable for 110-130 cm, usually wear 42/95 DEFG 100/44ABC bra 

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