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Pet Dog Supplies Leather Spiked Collar

Pet Dog Supplies Leather Spiked Collar

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There is nothing like the feeling of giving the best of the best to your little furry kids. All dog lovers out there surely know this amazing feeling. In order to add some panache and style to your four-legged friend’s look, funky collars are the best ways to go about with it. Collars are classics when it comes to accessorizing your pets.

By combining cute colors with the classic spiked collar style that is popular, you can create an amazing look for your dog. And the Dog Leather Spiked Collar gives your pet exactly that – the perfect look and feel.

What is Dog Leather Spiked Collar?

Made of faux leather, this adjustable collar by Transer is the perfect accessory for your furry little friends. This durable collar makes your dog stand out from the crowd with is amazing product design matched with some cool colors.

The Dog Leather Spiked Collar is a popular and loved style globally especially in the United States and China. Being the perfect harness for your dog’s leash, the Dog Leather Spiked Collar is as functional as it gets. Its uber-cool looks to ensure that your dog look absolutely dashing and adorable. It is perfect for your little one on any given day, be it for a lazy day lounging around at home or a day in the park with furry friends.

Product Specifications:

The Dog Leather Spiked Collar is available in various sizes according to the breed of your dog. With XXS, XS, S, and M in terms of sizes, it is perfect for all dogs regardless of season and climate. Being an adjustable harness for both big dogs and small dogs alike, the durable PU leather ensures superior quality.

Its intricate punk rivet design adds an aesthetic touch to your dog’s look and feel. Being easily available in pink, white, red, black, blue and brown colors, you can choose the ideal color that complements your dog’s looks and persona. It is a popular pick when it comes to dog collars; this particular piece has been loved and sold out globally.

Pros and Cons of Dog Leather Spiked Collar

Known majorly for its many pros, the Dog Leather Spiked Collar has gained attention around the globe. These are the common likes and dislikes when it comes to this product:


  • It is a highly functional form of harness
  • It is stylish and completely in fashion
  • It is available in varied colors
  • It is available in varies sizes
  • It is durable and is of high quality
  • It is perfect for all weather conditions
  • It is comfortable and safe for use
  • It does not cause itchiness


  • It is not customizable except for size and color
  • It does not come with a name tag
  • It does not come with a leash 

Benefits of Dog Leather Spiked Collar

The benefits of using the Dog Leather Spiked Collar are plenty.  Besides adding style to your furry pals, it is the perfect collar to attach all types of dog leashes. This product truly stands out from the rest due to its vibrant colors and high-quality PU leather.

Being one of the most sought-after pet supply products for dogs, this accessory ensures that your dog is absolutely safe and comfortable.

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