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Personlised Dog/ Cat Necklace

Personlised Dog/ Cat Necklace

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Whoever comes and goes into your life, one being is always constant – your little furry friend. Being man’s best friend, dogs hold a special place in our hearts. Dogs are perhaps the best companions one could get, and to be very honest are often underrated and taken for granted. Every four-legged pupper deserves a special place in your heart. Don’t you agree?

For all the dog lovers out there, this is what you need to keep your little furry pal closer to your heart. Introducing the Personalised Dog Necklace, that will ensure that your dog is always with you!

What is the Personalised Dog Necklace?

The Personalised Dog Necklace is a necklace locket engraved with the picture of your dog on it. Perfect for gifting to fellow dog lovers, it feels like your little pet is always with you. With fine craftsmanship gone into creating every pendant, this necklace is all things adorable.

Crafted with good quality metal, this necklace is more than just an accessory. It is a symbol of your undying love for your furry pal. Needless to say, this is a popular pick when it comes to necklaces, globally.

Why pick the Personalised Dog Necklace?

This item is perfect for gifting to all dog lovers. You cannot go wrong with this gift as it comes with sentimental value. Not only does the necklace bear the striking image of your dog, it also is extremely stylish. By mixing style with functionality, this accessory is sure to turn some heads and makes some eyes water with happiness.

All it takes is a high-resolution photo of your dog, and lo, the necklace of your dreams is custom-made to absolute perfection.

Product specifications:

Custom-created to suit the image of your little one, the image of the pendant will be exactly like you want it. Using stainless steel to give it an exquisite finish, this pendant has room for custom-text on the backside of it.

Being a unisex piece of jewelry, you can personalize it according to your tastes and preferences. It goes with any kind of ensemble, be it casuals, formals or semis. To top this off, you can get the plating of your choice in your favorite color that we have provided.

Pros and cons of Personalised Dog Necklace:


  • Can be customized according to your pet
  • It looks absolutely stylish and cute
  • Perfect with all outfits for all kinds of people
  • It is unisex in nature as it suits everyone
  • The necklace brings sentimental value
  • It’s perfect for gifting to loved ones
  • Keeps your furry pal closer than ever to you
  • Available in different styles and colors
  • Made with long-lasting metals that never lose shine
  • It is a budget-friendly piece of jewelry


  • It is only available in limited colors

You read it; this necklace is guaranteed to hold a special place in your hearts. It is the best way to honor or pay tribute to your best friend. And it makes for amazing presents for all the pet lovers out there. All you have to do is ensure that you send an HD picture of your dog. And the process to get your Personalised Dog Necklace is easier than ever.


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