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Beard Oil Beauty Aichun - Hair Growth

Beard Oil Beauty Aichun - Hair Growth

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As per the expert’s beard is the new six abs for the men, even women now prefer well-groomed guys with perfect beards. Thus, the increase in demand for Beard oils can be seen everywhere. People are buying beard balms, growth oils, and other creams.

Usually, these beard oils include conditioning ingredients like argan oil, grapeseed oil and jojoba oil which are quite effective to keep the beard moisturized for a longer period of time. Men who now more than ever are now concerned about the looks do not feel as much need to use any products for their beard while they do care about the hair, skin and other personal care products. However, doctors now believe that men should also focus on facial hair as much as their head hair. Still not convinced enough. Let’s look at the benefit of applying beard oil.

What is the benefit of beard oil? 

We all are aware of how hair oil can help you moisturize the head skin and helps in hair growth similarly the beard oil hydrates the skin, tame the beard hair and helps in softening your skin. So, you just don’t look good but also feel good within.

Another major benefit is that it keeps you away from the flakes, also known as beard-druff, beard oils also add to your attractiveness as they have unique manly fragrance. 

So, with so many benefits like reducing skin irritation, prevention of dandruff and moisturizing plus the added fragrance what do you need more?

When should you apply beard oil?

You can apply the beard oil after washing your face, the best time would be after your first facewash in the morning while cleansing or showering as that is the time the hair follicles and pores are open, and the beard oil can be absorbed easily. It is most effective in the dry season and cold when your skin is mostly dry and just a few drops of beard oil will do the thing.

How to apply the beard oil?

The beard oil can be easily applied by pouring a small amount of oil into your hands, rub your hands so it is covered equally and then apply it on to your beard gently. For people with long beards, it’s advisable that you use comb so that it can reach each hair strand.

The only con of using the beard oil is if you have any allergies from the ingredients but it is 99% safe for all men skins.

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