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Facial Cleansing Mini Massager Brush

Facial Cleansing Mini Massager Brush

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Suitable for all skin types, Two-zone brush features thicker touch-points to deeply and precisely cleanse oilier skin, especially in the T-zone, and thinner touch-points that gently channel pulsations that are suitable for sensitive or dry skin. Its T-Sonic pulsations combine with its nonabrasive silicone brush to gently, yet effectively remove dead skin cells and lift away 99.5 percent of dirt, oil, and makeup residue. 

Enhancing the absorption of skin care products, it helps minimize the appearance of pores and works to refine, brighten, and even out the complexion. Lasting for up to 100 uses, the LUNA Play lets you experience gentle yet effective skin care and is the perfect introduction to FOREO's range of LUNA facial cleansing brushes.

  • Exceptional value – requires no replacement brushes 
  • Unrivaled quality and assurance 
  • Fully waterproof For regular use in the bath or shower
  •  Non-abrasive silicone brush with soft silicone touch-points
  •  Integrated battery Up to 300 uses from a single full charge
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