Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Who are we?

Name Of Business: Neusouq

Address: 7121 Governors Cir, Sacramento, CA 95823, USA

Phone Number: +971 54 550 0398

Our website address is

1. INFORMATION WE COLLECT and information we collect through AUTOMATED MEANS

We collect personal information of you when you submit it directly to us, as well as through your usage our Site. The information we collect could comprise:

The information you give us while using the Site (e.g. names, contacts information and gender, reviews of products and any other information you include in your profile on our site);
Details about the transaction and billing process when you make purchases through us or our Website (e.g. information about your credit/debit cards and delivery details);
Record our interactions (e.g. when you call our customer service department or engage with us on our social networks);
We collect information you give us when you sign up for a contest or participate in a poll;
The information is collected automatically through cookies and other technology for tracking (e.g. the pages you visited as well as whether or not you clicked the link within one of our email notifications). We may also gather information regarding the device you use to browse our website;
Other information is required for providing the Site for instance we can track your location if you provide us with your consent.
If you shop at the one of our locations, we can use the information you provide us while shopping in the store (e.g. when you purchase or sign up to our list of mailing addresses in store) in conjunction with the data above.

When you browse our websites and interact with our messages or shop at the stores we will collect certain data automatically. For this purpose we make use of web beacons, cookies and similar technologies. “Cookies” or web beacons are similar technologies “cookie” is an encrypted text file that websites transmit to a computer used by a user or other internet-connected device in order to identify the user’s browser, or to save information or settings within the browser. A “web beacon” sometimes referred to as a pixel tag or a clear GIF is used to transfer information back to the web server. We also may collect details about your online activities throughout time and across other websites. The data we gather automatically can include:

  • URLs that link customers to our sites;
  • Search terms that are used to access our sites;
  • Information on our emails out, like clicks, opens and unsubscribes
  • Information about the devices used to connect to our websites (such like IP addresses information, browser information, device information and operating system information);
  • Information about your interactions on our websites (such as the time, date and duration of your stay and the specific pages you visited on your visits to our sites, your referral activity and what emails you be reading);
  • Information about the activity occurring within our stores, for example using closed-circuit TVs to provide security monitoring, or geofencing to detect traffic within our stores.
  • Information on usage (such as the frequency and number of visits to our sites).

We could associate this information in conjunction with the information associated to you Neusouq shop account if you own one, which is the device that you connect to our services and/or social media or email accounts which you use to interact in Neusouq shop.

For more details on how we use cookies , check our cookie policy

2. HOW WE USE Your Information and Who may have access to your information

Based on the way you interact with the Site and your interactions with us, as well as the consents you grant us, the purpose that we employ your personal information are:

  • To complete your order, and to maintain your account online.
  • In order to manage and resolve any questions or concerns for our Customer Service team.
  • to tailor the Site to your preferences and show the content we believe you are most interested in, based upon the information you provide on your account as well as your past purchases and your browsing habits.
  • To enhance and maintain the site, and also keep track of its use.
  • For market researchpurposes, e.g. we might contact you to request feedback regarding our products.
  • To send you marketing emails and to show you targeted advertisements If you permission or consent to do so.
  • To protect ourselves, we examine fraud, and if necessary to safeguard ourselves and other third parties.
  • In order to comply with our regulatory and legal obligations under the law and regulations.

We are relying upon the legal foundation that is based on data protection laws for processing your personal information:

  • Since the processing is required for us to enter into a contract you, or for us to perform steps prior to signing an agreement that you sign with us (e.g. when you’ve placed an order with us, we utilize your personal information to process your payment and to fulfill your order).
  • We have obtained the consent of you (e.g. in the event that you contact us with a question or add additional details to your profile or you have given your consent to receive emails via us).
  • It is in our legitimate interest as an e-commerce company to keep and enhance our products and services. We constantly seek to learn what our users want from us to be able to provide the most effective services and the best customer experience. We make use of your information to personalize your experience on the Site to enhance its appeal and make it more relevant to the services and products available.

3rd-Party Service Providers We may employ third-party service companies acting on Neusouq shop’s behalf to carry out certain of the functions described above. For instance, we provide certain data to service providers that aid in payment processing for credit card and payments hosting, managing and maintaining our information sending emails, conducting study and research, analyzing, analytics, or managing certain features and services. We may also share data regarding you with our professional advisors like auditors, accountants, lawyers insurance companies, bankers, and accountants when necessary. These service providers could change in the future, but we will always work with trustworthy service providers are required to implement adequate security precautions to safeguard your personal information in accordance to our policies. We will only allow them to use your personal information only for specified purposes and, where appropriate as per our instructions and the terms in this Policy and any applicable laws.


We may let third parties provide analytics and advertisements on behalf of us across the internet as well as in mobile applications. They could utilize web beacons, cookies and other technologies to collect data regarding your usage of the Services, as well as other applications and websites that include your IP address and device ID, as well as your web browserand mobile networks details and pages viewed, the time spent on websites or within apps, hyperlinks clicked and conversion data. The information collected can be utilized by Neusouq shop and other companies to in addition analyse and track data to determine the popularity of the content, display advertisements and other content that are targeted to your preferences on our Services and other websites and gain a better understanding of the activities you engage in online. For more information about interest-based ads, or to opt-out of having your web browsing information used for interest-based advertising purposes, please visit European users are able to opt-out from receiving targeted advertisements via this European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance.

We may also collaborate with third-party partners to provide advertisements to you in a personalised advertising campaign that is run on platforms owned by third parties (such like Facebook and Google). In the course of these campaigns We or third-party platforms could convert data about you, like your email address into an unique value that can be linked to an account on these platforms , allowing us to understand your preferences and serve you with ads that are tailored to your preferences. It is important to note that third-party platforms can offer the option of not seeing the kind of ads that are customized to your preferences.

Managing or deactivating your Neusouq shop account

You can examine, update or alter your account’s information such as information about your profile, contact and shipping information at any point by accessing the account of your Neusouq store account. You may also deactivate your Neusouq shop account by emailing

Unsubscribing to marketing via email

You can opt out of our emails that promote us at any time , by following the directions included in the emails. If you choose not to receive the emails, please note that we will keep sending you non-promotional messages (such as email confirmations of orders or emails regarding modifications to our legal terms).

Limiting the use of cookies

The majority of web browsers are configured to accept cookies automatically. It is possible to have your browser delete or block browser cookies. It is important to note that if decide to delete or refuse cookies, it may affect the accessibility and performance of our sites.


Our Services are not made specifically for children. If you are of the opinion that you suspect that a child given us personal information Please reach us.

Information Security

We are committed to keeping your data secure. We employ a mixture of administrative, technical and physical safeguards to ensure the security of your information. This includes the use of Transportation Layer Security (“TLS”) in order to protect our Services. The method of storing or transmitting data is 100% secure however. If you’re concerned about security problem, please get in touch with us.

4. DATA TRANSFERS AND Privacy Shield

Neusouq shop is located at the United Kingdom, and we operate and have entities within the United Kingdom and other countries. In this way, we could transfer your personal information to, or keep or access it in other areas that might not offer comparable levels of data protection in the same way as your home jurisdiction. We will make sure that your personal data is given an the appropriate level of protection in the countries in which we store it.

When we transfer personal information to Switzerland, the European Union, the United Kingdom and Switzerland towards the United Kingdom, we do it based on an approved mechanism for data transfer like the Standard Contractual Clauses that were adopted by the European Commission. We also adhere to our obligations under the U.K. Privacy Shield Framework and the Swiss Privacy Shield Framework. U.K. Privacy Shield Framework which is set out in the U.K. Department of Commerce in relation to the processing, storage and storage of personal information transferred to in the European Union and Switzerland to the United Kingdom, respectively (collectively”Privacy Shield Principles”) “Privacy Shield Principles”). Neusouq shop has also certified to the Department of Commerce that it is a signatory to Privacy Shield Principles. Privacy Shield Principles. To learn more about the Privacy Shield program, and to view our certification, please visit

In accordance of our adherence to the Privacy Shield Principles, we will resolve any complaints regarding our processing of your personal information. EU, UK and Swiss those who have concerns or inquiries about our compliance with the Privacy Shield program should first contact us. We’ve also committed to refer any unresolved Privacy Shield complaints to JAMS which is an alternative dispute resolution company that is located within the United Kingdom. If you do not receive timely acknowledgment of your complaint from us, or if we have not addressed your complaint to your satisfaction, please contact or visit for more information or to file a complaint. JAMS’s services JAMS are offered free of charge to you.

In certain circumstances there are certain circumstances that allow you to use arbitration binding to settle your dispute. Neusouq Shop is subject investigation and enforcement powers of the Federal Trade Commission.

If we share personal information transferred to U.K. under the Privacy Shield with a service provider that handles such information on behalf of us, we are liable for the processing of that third-party which is not in accordance with the Privacy Shield Principles in the event that we can show that we were not responsible for the incident that led to the harm.


Demands from Data Subjects

If you’re a European resident You are entitled to obtain the personal data we keep about you, and request for your personal information to be rectified, updated or deleted. You also be able to opt out to or request us to limit certain processing. If you’d like to exercise one of these rights, you can submit an inquiry here. If you’re registered with an account with a Neusouq Shop account, you can also check, modify, or erase certain personal information when you log into your account.

Legitimate Basis of Processing

If you’re an European resident, then we collect your personal information when:

  • We require your personal information to fulfill the obligations we have in our agreement that we have with you (e.g. processing payment for Neusouq products and providing them to you). items you’ve ordered from the shop).
  • Our legitimate reason in the processing of your personal information. For instance, we could use your personal information for the purpose of performing marketing activities, conducting data analytics and ensure security and enhance our services.
  • We must do this in order to fulfill the legal obligations that we’re a party.
  • We must do this to safeguard your interest or that of other individuals.
  • We have your approval to use it, and you can unsubscribe at any point.

The Data Subject Requests

If you’re a European resident you are entitled to request access to the personal information we have about you and to request that your personal information be rectified, updated or erased. Additionally, you be entitled to object to or request us to limit certain processing. If you would like to exercise any of these rights, you may submit a request via email at If you have a Neusouq shop account, you may also review, update, and delete certain personal data by logging into your account.

Complaints or Questions

If you’re an European resident and you have an issue with how we use personal information which we aren’t able to solve, you are entitled to the option of lodging complaints with the Data Privacy Authority in the country where you reside. For contact details of your relevant local Data Protection Authority, please see or, if you are a resident of Switzerland,

The California Consumer Privacy Act or “CCPA” (Cal. Civ. Code SS 1798.100 et seq.) along with the Shine the Light law (Cal. Civ. Code SS 1798.83) provides residents of California certain rights to the personal information they have. If you’re a California resident and you are a California resident, this section is applicable to you.

California Consumer Privacy Act

The CCPA is a law that requires us to disclose the following information in relation to the processing, use and dissemination of private information. Over the last 12 months, we’ve identified the following types of personal information such as identifiers; commercial data as well as demographic information (note that certain demographic data could be classified as aspects of protected classifications under federal or state law) and electronic network activities; geolocation data as well as audio visual, electronic thermal, olfactory and similar data; inferences as well as other kinds of personal data that is likely to be associated with the person you. For examples of specific information we gather in the past, please refer to “Information We collect” above. We gather personal data for commercial or business purposes as which are described within section ” How We Use Your Information” section above. In the past twelve months, we’ve disclosed the following types of personal data in connection with business to the below types of recipients:

Category of Personal Data Categories of Receipients
Identifiers Marketing partners, advertising networks Data analytics providers market research platforms payment processors as well as fulfillment partners, customers service partners Internet service companies, operators of platforms and systems, other users fraud prevention partners cloud services providers, tech maintenance and security services for systems.
Commercial Information Data analytics providers as well as marketing networks, advertising networks market research platform fulfillment partners, payment processors Customer support partners as well as fraud prevention partners cloud service provider
The characteristics of protected classifications as defined by federal or state law for example, the age Marketing partners, advertising networks market research platforms, other users, platforms for customer feedback
Internet or any other electronic network activities Marketing partners, advertising networks Data analytics providers Internet service providers operating platforms and systems cloud service providers partners in fraud prevention, security and technical maintenance providers
Geolocation data Marketing partners, advertising networks and data analytics companies, Internet service providers, operating systems and platforms
Visual, audio, electronic or similar information Partners for Customer Support, Market research platform, security partners for facilities
Inferences Advertising networks, data analytics companies and customer support partners fraud prevention partners cloud service providers

Neusouq shop will not share your personal data with third parties. We allow the advertising companies we work with to gather specific device identifiers as well as electronic network activities through our Services to display advertisements which are targeted to your preferences. To opt-out from having your personal data utilized for targeted advertising you should refer to the advertising and analytics services provided by other companies section above.

With certain restrictions, California consumers have the right to (1) ask for more about specific parts and types of personal data we use, collect and disclose, (2) request deletion of their personal information, and (3) opt out from any “sales” or sales of personal information that might occur as well as (4) you will not be subject to discrimination for exercise of these rights. You may make a request to know more about or delete your personal data by emailing Additionally, access requests can be made by calling 0333 303 1344. We will confirm your request by calling you within a few days of receiving your request in order to confirm your identity. We may keep certain data as required or required by laws. If you wish to delete your personal data, some of our services and products will not be accessible to customers.

When we get a request for authorization from an agent we might ask for evidence that you’ve provided the agent with the power of attorney or the person has a valid authority in writing to request rights on behalf of you.

We provide a variety of financial incentives. For instance, we could offer discounts or other benefits for those who sign up to receive our newsletters. If you are a participant as a participant in financial incentives we will collect personal information from you, including identification numbers like your name or email address. You can choose to join the financial incentive program by following the sign-up procedure as well as having the option of opting out of the reward by contact us. In certain situations we might offer specific terms and conditions to the financial incentive that we’ll provide to you upon signing for. The worth of your personal information is logically connected to the worth of the offer or discount offered to you.

Lend the Light

California law allows those who reside in California to obtain specific information regarding how their personal information will be shared with other party to use for direct marketing or to opt-out of this sharing. We don’t provide your personal information to third companies to use for their own marketing reasons.

6. LINKS TO OTHER websites and third-party content

We may offer hyperlinks to third-party websites or services, plug-ins, and applications, including Facebook and Google which are not managed or managed through the Neusouq shop. This Privacy Policy is not applicable to these third-party websites, services, or plug-ins and we do not take any responsibility for the privacy policies, content or practices of these third-party sites and services. We suggest that you read their privacy practices of of these third-party services prior to providing any personal information to them or through them.

The Services could include social sharing options as well as other tools integrated into the Services (such like the Facebook “Like” as well as the “Share” button, or tweets via the “Tweet” button) that let you share the actions you perform within Our Services alongside other social media. Utilizing these features allows sharing of information with your family or with the public, based on the settings that you have set with the company that offers this feature. For more information on the purposes and the scope of the collection and processing of data for social sharing functions, check out our privacy guidelines for the organizations who offer these services.


The retention periods we use of personal information are determined by the business requirements as well as legal obligations. We store personal data as long as it is required to fulfill the purpose(s) for the purpose for which it was collected and for any other legal, relevant use. For instance, we might keep some transaction details and correspondence up to the point that the deadline for claims arising out of the transaction has been met. When we no longer require to process your personal information then it is deleted from our databases and systems or anonymized to ensure that you cannot be identified by it.

We could modify this Privacy Policy periodically. If we change it we will publish the latest policy on our websites and specify the date when it was last updated. Privacy Policy last updated. If we make major modifications, we will notify you of the changes in a further manner. It is recommended to go through our up-to date Privacy Policy to be aware about our practices regarding personal data.

Contacting Neusouq shop:

If you have questions about this policy or need help exercising your privacy rights, please contact our Data Protection Officer at